Vanlife Pizza

It all starts with a base of sautéed red pepper, shallot, and garlic. I place the crust into the pan after removing the veggies, then spread a spicy pasta sauce onto the thin pizza crust, followed by a generous layer of grated mozzarella cheese…
…followed by kalamata olives, and artichoke hearts, but you can add any pizza-related ingredients. (that is John’s shower towel hanging from his seat–it was raining on and off, so towels couldn’t get hung outside to dry)
with freshly grated parmesan cheese on top, ready to be “baked”
Baked with the lid on a low-medium heat for just a few moments; along with a hearty salad, this is a perfect meal for us!
Oy! The dishes to clean up…
It doesn’t take long and viola! The kitchen is ready for the next meal! Yes, that is a plastic bag that I have washed, to dry overnight. I have magnetized clips above the sink in which I clip the bag to finish drying, so it can be reused. (hey, you don’t expect me to pass up a chance to mention reduce and reuse as it relates to plastic now, did you?!)



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