9 states (some twice!); 28 nights; 6,585 miles; and 26,615 photos later…

We are Home! Gloriously home! It is curious to me that in the last hours of driving home, I felt melancholy about this marvelous adventure coming to an end, yet now I am just plain ol’ happy and comfortable to be back in our lovely home. We arrived home to a burst of spring made more evident due to our long time away from the daily observation of new growth.

Virginia Bluebell
Black Currant

Upon arriving back to our driveway–out of necessity, because of course I could not leave this task for tomorrow–I took all of the food out of Vanda’s fridge and cupboards, and we offloaded the bikes, laundry, and other gear that needs to be washed or refreshed. It will take me a few days to deep clean Vanda’s garage and kitchen/living space, and we have a 10K service scheduled for next week–that is from just 2 trips! I’ve said it before and I am sure I will say it again: I totally love this van and all of the travel it allows us!

John and I are in a groove now with the setup and break down of Vanda, where we overnight. We have our specific tasks, which compliment each other, bringing a feeling efficiency and familiarity — two of my favorite emotions! I like a known flow of activity, of certainty. This is part of my “controlling personality” (those of you who know me, know this!). Our morning coffee routine — really important to us! — is easeful and rewarding; I set up the grounds the night before while leaving the water-filled carafe tucked safely in the sink to avoid a mishap. In the morning, I need only to pour the water into the brew machine so that within a few moments, we are sipping hot delicious coffee to start our day!

We’re getting good at this yet we know that once warm weather becomes consistent that our routines will change. For instance, we have not set up our mesh tent yet, because it hasn’t been warm enough or light late enough into the afternoon to spend time outside to eat or just hang out. I look forward to sitting around outside, sipping on something delish, perhaps around a fire… 

PS. The states we visited were, in this order: Tennessee, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, California, Utah, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee. Our gas mileage varied between 15-20 MPG, we spent a whopping $1558.88 on gas with California prices at over $5/gallon and NM, UT, TN at under $3/gallon. We prefer back roads to freeways, not only for the scenery but the lower speed limit increases fuel efficiency.

Prairie Smoke



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