The Devil-or is it the Delight-is in the Details

Oh my! Where to start?! Would it be to describe the “we’ll do this differently next time” moments, or the “we will not do this again lessons”, or the many joyous and rich nature experiences that have lived up to our dreams? 

Maybe it is about the days and nights of low cell signal, precluding photo sharing and online posting, but which allowed us to delve into the books we are reading? How about cooking a multi-step meal while listening to Tchaikovsky? Or experiencing some of the deepest and coziest nights of sleep we’ve ever had? Perhaps it was visiting an Evansville friend who has just moved to Cedar Key, during which time we walked all over the island with her? Or that we seem to be trying to fit SO many things into each day, as we have done for, well, always. Maybe it is the uncommonly frigid weather for Florida, for which we were properly attired to stay warm, but still – we chose Florida in January in anticipation of balmy days… All of which invites us to embrace the unexpected, to stay flexible, and to live in gratitude.


  • We have the rest of our lives for vanlife, however long or short that will be, so it is OK to slow down, to not try to fit so many hikes into one day; it is OK to pull into camp and not rush out to hike about, checking out the new area—I am giving myself permission to read, or nap, or write on some days instead of trying to see every bird and marvel at every tree. I am surprised with how FULL this life feels, and I do believe that as we adapt to retirement in general, we will slow down. For those of you who know John and me, are you chuckling right about now?!
  • Undoubtedly, the longer we spend in this vanlife, the greater sense of ease I will know, in the kitchen. I’ll admit that clean up in our small kitchen area is more challenging than the forethought required for scratch cooking plant-based dinners. 

It is the sunrise and sunset walkabouts, the driving on small roads through interesting communities, the flora and fauna, the bike rides (when it is not 35 degrees!), and the comfortable companionship shared between John and I that makes this foray into vanlife and retirement so fabulous. The delight is in the details, not the devil! 



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