Plant-Based Vanlife Meals

It’s not all that easy, in a small kitchen space, to cut & prep fresh veggies, let alone add them to pasta or tuck them into a casserole, but it is worth it! I’ve already written about the forethought required to work in in this cozy kitchen, from taking everything needed out of the fridge as once its lid is closed again, that lid becomes a primary work area, to staging prepped elements of the meal so I may use the pot or pan for the next phase of preparation. I am getting into a flow, but have more learning to do.

I have made 12 dinners and 4 brunches. Typically, we eat yogurt and nut butter for breakfast and enjoy a picnic of apples/cheese/crackers for lunch, so dinner is our main meal. I am not sure how I will share the meals that I have made on social media or in the newsletter, but this post is about a fab Mexican casserole I made last night.

I sautéed a purple onion in olive oil, then added red and yellow pepper slices. That was then pulled out of the pan, placed into a bowl while I assembled the foundation tortillas, added canned pinto beans which I spiced with cumin, salt, and pepper, then topped with sliced sharp cheddar cheese. I then layered on the sautéed onions and peppers.

I topped all of that with more tortillas, covered the pan, turned the heat to low, and let it all simmer for 10 minutes to melt the cheese and heat the beans. After wrestling a portion from the pan (it was super messy!), I topped the tortilla casserole serving with pre-chopped raw veggies and a perfectly ripe avocado. We had chips as a side dish. This was a high protein, high fiber, super fresh and nutritious dinner. Yum!

Clean up was a challenge! The pan had gotten quite crusty with melted cheese and some of the tortilla stuck to the middle of the pan. I’ve been placing water in a messy pot or pan to bring to a boil, to “lighten” the clean up work, but it’s still a lot of work. I am considering other options for the pot and pan, and for the cleaning soap and sponge tools. This is a labor of love and a time of learning!



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