Farmers Market, Panama City, FL

John is in his element when he is planning a trip–researching birding spots or waterfall hikes at which we will stop along the way–he always chooses places of interest to both of us, many of which take us off the beaten path. Before #vanlife retirement, my role was pretty much just to find a “farm to table” dinner restaurant, but now I’ve got bigger responsibilities! It is up to me to research and locate farmers markets and natural foods cooperative markets to fill in the gaps as our food supplies dwindle — I am guesstimating that we’ll shop every 3-4 days for fresh produce and once per week for a replacement 1/2 & 1/2 for morning coffee, and other various pantry items.

I had found this wonderful farmers market in Panama City which was on our route, from my at-home research. I’ve been involved with farmers markets in my community, so this vibrant and diverse market was both familiar and impressive. Many artisans displayed several genres of art and clothing, alongside typical farmers and home-prepared food booths, while live music was being played, and the classic ensemble of food trucks was present. I estimate that there were 70 vendor booths, making for a robust market vibe.

Oddly, some of the produce vendors were selling produce that I surmised must be a resale situation, as I saw displays of apples, bananas, and avocados. In researching I found that indeed, some apples and bananas can be grown in northern Florida but that avos are strictly a southern Florida crop. Many farmers markets do not allow for resale of store-bought items, so I am not sure of the origin of all that was being offered. I did buy this gorgeous locally grown foods, which I placed into bags that I had brought from home:

The lettuce and micro greens will be added to our ever-diminshing salad, the asparagus will be sautéed into a scrambled egg brunch later today, and the pepper will be pan-caramelized along with an onion from home to make a fajita dinner for either tonight or tomorrow. The lemon biscotti were purchased, just because…

Our first farmers market foray from the road was successful! Yum!



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