Sow My Wild Oats

I began fantasizing about what I would cook for brunch while on the trail, around 10:30 AM. We’d been out for ~ 2 hours, hiking in a surreal Northern Florida forest, through landscape unlike that which I’d been in previously — up and down ravines, some of which held springs trickling along sandy rivulets, past a large swamp, and through some mud. The terrain was host to blooming Trillium (in January?!), wild Violets, and Carolina Jessamine Trumpetflower. Huge swatches of broken trees and snags from the 2018 hurricane were home to numerous Red Headed Woodpeckers.

I was hungry, having been up since 6-ish, and as I do when I get hungry while riding or hiking, I become quite creative and precise in my head as I plan the coming meal! Check out where my fantasy took me!


Oats, dried cherries & raisins

Fini! Delish!

Plenty ‘o fruit and fiber in this meal! Plenty of flavor! I sautéed the apples in butter, spiced with cardamom. The oats and dried fruits cooked separately, after which I added back in the apples, mixed in a dollop of apricot jam, then topped with nuts. Food fit for a queen!

After brunch, we took another long walk through the campgrounds, on flat paths, and with happy bellies. Now, here I sit at 3 o’clock EST, writing a blog post from Vanda, able to wifi from my iPad cell signal, savoring this relaxed coziness as a big windy rainstorm rolls through. It is warm enough outside that we can use the screen door to enjoy the cool wind. I’ll admit that I feel both odd and exhilarated that we are just hanging out–a state of being that is unfamiliar, but about which we have dreamt! In this morning’s early hours, snuggled in our incredibly cozy bed, when I reminded myself that we could do whatever we wanted today, that we weren’t driving anywhere, that nothing was expected of us, I felt a heady and “naughty” sort of feeling, which I am experiencing again now! Oh yeah, THIS is retirement! John is curled up next to me as I type, having a nap, the compost machine is quietly humming along, and I will likely close my eyes soon as well. If I could express the number of times that we had fantasized about days such as this!

Learnings so far, 2.75 days into our new Vanda life: we use ~ 6 gallons of water per day cooking and cleaning up, and we haven’t even used the outside shower yet or cooked pasta; a cheese grater is an important tool to have in the kitchen utensil drawer (next trip); a small bottle of honey will come in handy (also next trip!), and that state campgrounds can be just peachy–if they have mindfully set up the camp sites with enough tree coverage around and between sites, which we have found to be the case thus far. I know that our sites will not always be tucked away, but having electricity and bathrooms/showers is quite the convenience. Boondocking off the grid will be woven in to our travel, yet getting to know Vanda, setting up routines, being able to keep up on current events while sipping morning coffee, reading emails, and being able to refill our 20-gallon water tank are all pretty nifty.

I do not know how often I will write — if it is too often, feel free to let me know. I suppose if this is dropping into your email inbox, you don’t have to read it, or if you are reading this via FB or IG, you can scroll on by. I am enjoying this blog writing, it’s sort of an extension of my routine journaling, only different!



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