We’re Off!

The day has arrived! I have had quite a lot of fun puzzling through how to best store all of our gear, kitchen tools, and enough food for ~ 5 days of meals, as well as snacks. I have no idea if I packed enough food or too much, but I will find out soon enough.

As you can see, the bikes fit quite well, in a manner that allows us full access to the garage. That area is nearly full, with some room remaining if we decide there is more gear to haul. I’ll take credit, thank you, for buying those mesh storage sacks for shoes and miscellaneous items, and I’ve come to appreciate a strong magnet with a hook or carabiner on it! I have yet to ascertain the most efficient positioning of the items stored in the garage — will something I don’t use often be in the way or will an item I am looking for be buried deeply in the back? I will find out soon enough!

Here is a close up of the garage space. John is quite pleased with the perfect fit for his camera packs into that upper left cabinet.

The fridge! It is quite a decent size, yet it also presents a puzzle of sorts in regards to what goes in first or last, with the realization that the more fragile foods, packed on top, will have be removed to get to the jars and larger items at the bottom. Meal prep will definitely require forethought, as the induction stove and oven will be sitting on the countertop above the fridge, which I won’t wish to move once I’ve started cooking. Mindfulness! I am invited to move slowly and with intention so as to minimize having to undo or redo meal prep steps!

Check out the salad — a Kitchen Zen staple at home, and now in Vanda:

That salad will last 4 or 5 days; I purchased just-harvested greens from one of my favorite local farmers (who is not online, hence no tagging of 4 Gardens), with added chopped broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, and purple cabbage–what I call a “dry” salad. You can see eggs, bread, cheese, pesto, and chocolate bark packed into other compartments. All of the cheeses and butter are on the right, which sits on top of the freezer. Underneath looks like this, with the freezer tray open to show my ice pack for my low back, and some of the larger items–such as peanut butter, salsa, tortillas, home-baked cookies, and simple syrup for an evening cocktail!–which were tucked under 5 apples and the salad:

We’ve got ample coffee, tea, cereal, nuts, dried fruit, oils, vinegar, and herbs along with sufficient cooking and eating tools.

See that flask in the right cupboard, in the back? Guess what is in there?!

And the largest drawer in the van holds my apron, a bunch of reusable silicone food storage bags, canned items for soups and casseroles, and snacks. Oodles of snacks.

Another brilliant idea I had was to use a magnet/carabiner combo to secure the sack of onions, potatoes, and garlic. Those veggies need to breathe, so this set up works out well.

One more photo, looking inside from our driveway:

This longer post not only fills you in on the details about which you have been asking — “how will you live in a small space?!” — but it also allowed me to go over the van contents in my mind’s eye to double check it all with my list. We are good to go!

You may have heard that there were tornadoes in the panhandle of Florida, which is where we are headed, with atypical colder temps. We are determined to ride our bikes, take hikes, and check out the birds despite the less-than-desired weather. Hold us dear as we set out on this adventure! xo



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