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Ample superlatives do not exist to describe my feelings for and about Mary Allen, the owner of Sixth and Zero. Mary was one of the first people I met when we moved to Evansville in the Fall of 2013, as the marvelous soaps she makes were sold at the Co-op market at which I shopped. At that time, her workspace was on 6th and Washington Streets, hence the reference to Sixth in her business name; the Zero was added later as Mary’s commitment to Zero Waste, earth-friendly and sustainable ingredients deepened and were incorporated into not only the body care products she makes, but into the ever growing inventory of carefully-sourced products she sells. At Sixth and Zero you can purchase in-house made bars of soap and salves, in addition to bulk shampoo, lotions, dish and laundry soap, tooth care products, makeup, shaving and beard care products, organic cotton baby items, and so much more. The photo I used for this post shows the radiant Mary in the Refillery area of her shop–a place dedicated to refilling bottles and containers brought from home, or purchased there, intended to alleviate the tossing of single-use plastic bottles into the landfill.

I regularly shop at Sixth and Zero for numerous household and personal care products — I am sure that you can easily pick up on my appreciation of the good quality and mindfully sourced products that Mary either makes or stocks in her shop. So…when it came time to outfit Vanda with cleaning and personal care items, I went straight to Sixth and Zero to shop! PS. Mary’s smile and warm vibe are as compelling as the magnificent aromas wafting from her shop into the street!

I have purchased for Vanda:

  • A liner for our paper-only trashcan
  • Reusable bamboo “paper” towels
  • Dish soap from the refillery and laundry sheets for washing clothes
  • Spices and herbs for our kitchen from the bulk bins
  • Dustpan and bamboo fiber broom (mini)
  • A full stock of all the body care products we use at home

And just for fun, I’ve got to share this photo of the two of us!



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