It has been SO MUCH fun these past 48+ hours getting Vanda set up! We expect to be fine-tuning the kitchen area in terms of where and how appliances and utensils are stored, as well as the additional storage compartments for months to come, but for now we are ready to take our first overnight camping trip this weekend!

I spent hours today and yesterday fitting the puzzle pieces of the kitchen gear into various compartments. Today I took everything back out so I could line all of the shelves and drawers with this groovy foamy, perforated Contact paper that will minimize any rattling sounds.

I purchased twenty 12×12-inch felt squares to place between pots & pans, around the coffee carafe, and between plates to prevent rubbing, scratching, and banging-around noise. Behind the coffee maker is the induction oven (I’ll take photos this weekend when I am making dinner!) and the pot and pan I’ll be using. The upper shelf holds a toaster oven and an immersion blender.

I went to my favorite Evansville shop, Sixth and Zero to purchase bulk spices; a trash can liner that is reusable–which will work for us because all food scraps will be composted in a different receptacle; reusable “paper” towels made from bamboo so that each towel is able to be rinsed and dried between its numerous uses before composting; bamboo toothbrushes; and dental floss in a small glass jar (minimizing plastic in the landfill).

Look at these cute spice jars and their fresh spices!

Mary Allen, the owner of Sixth and Zero (and a dear friend) makes earth-friendly soaps and salves. I use the lavender body salve all over and all day, so naturally, I bought one to keep in the van, which will go into my soft basket in the cool shelf, over the bed:

What a thrilling moment to put towels and pajamas into one of the bins (PS. the shower towels are made from repurposed plastic water bottles!):

And, since John’s storage of camera gear is quite a priority, I am happy to share that he is pleased with this space in the garage, dedicated to two camera packs. His tripod is going to go into a drawstring sack to keep it from getting knocked about. Whew! That was an important decision!

There will be much more to share, as we cook and sleep in Vanda, in Brown County State Park (Indiana, for those of you who don’t know) this Saturday night! Stay tuned! xo



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