Reefer Madness

Refrigerator madness that is… Ok, so I invoked poetic license by drawing your attention to an old movie title which also became a cultural phenom. Now that you’re here, just look at that cool fridge! It’s a 55-Liter capacity with an ice maker (evening cocktails!), and what looks like ample space for fresh produce, leftovers, and staple foods.

While we expect a steep learning curve regarding how much can be stored, how much produce prep I will be doing ahead of packing fruit and veggies into the fridge, there are additional considerations. What size milk bottle will best fit? What about storing leftovers in terms of container sizes that will fit? Will eggs fit in a horizontal position? How about the fresh-brewed iced tea that John drinks a lot of — in what reusable carafe will that be stored???

Also this: my preference is for almond butter as my breakfast go to, but John prefers peanut butter. I make almond butter fresh but because that requires a food processor, I will likely switch over to PB due to storage considerations. Of course, I can always pack a small jar of fresh almond butter to get me through the first few days as we head out from home on each adventure, but again, until we get into the van, see what is possible, I just won’t know! These are all small considerations of course, but I am sure excited to figure this all out!

Here are a few more current photos as VANDA (we named her, even though we don’t have her yet!) is in the last stages of being built out. VANDA is a genus in the orchid family, which happens to be one of John’s favorite flowers to photograph. Our talented friend, Tommy, will be creating a contemporary graphic that will incorporate an orchid and her name, which we will have painted onto the side panel! I cannot wait!

This view is from the side door, looking into the kitchen galley; the rectangular box in the foreground is the 20-gallon water tank:

Sink and counter view with the fridge lid now closed, to the right of the sink:

“Garage” view; the cabinets on the right are long — think John’s tripod and our 10×10 mesh pop-up — we’ll also have tools, biking gear, and who knows what else stored back here. The queen-sized bed frame and mattress will be on top of those cabinets:

There is a lot of folks in Evansville who are excited to see our home on wheels, once she arrives. Stay tuned for additional updates and photos! Thanks for following. xo



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