Everything AND the Kitchen Sink…

I’ll be spending a lot of time standing right here, in front of this sink, undoubtedly looking out the galley window (only a corner of which can be seen in the photo) as I wash and prep veggies and fruit for our meals, as well as when I wash dishes. John does the dishes at home, he has since the very first dinner I cooked for him in 1995, but given this cozy kitchen space and my desire for tidiness, I’ve already claimed dishwashing as one of my van life responsibilities. Note that I said desire for tidiness, when truthfully it is a need — I need a tidy physical space to keep my brain tidy, but that is writing for another time… Suffice it to say that John creates quite a splash as he dish-washes, so I’ll take this on, thankyouverymuch.

I received an email from Drew, the owner of the Glampervan company with photo updates today. He sent “before” photos, with this statement: “We are today at the critical flip point where the cabinets go in and and the wall panels go up. The van goes from empty to looking converted really quickly.” How EXCITING!

I’ll tease you with this one, as it shows the fabric we chose for the bed, headboard, and footboard. In fact, this photo is of the headboard, minus the matching pillows that will fit right into the rectangle. It’s just been assembled, hence the flat orientation on the workbench. Sage is my favorite color.

And, here is the cabinet shell installed in the back end, which the Glampervan guys call the garage…



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